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2024 applications are now open

Christ College, Mysuru, is an exceptional institution located in the vibrant city of Karnataka. Ours is a prestigious institution committed to the upbringing of its students,imparting a great deal of knowledge and inspiring its students to become men and women of integrity and worth. We help our students to build confidence to achieve extraordinary things. We happily welcome you to launch and enhance your career with our polished academic and non-academic curriculum.

Born out of the educational vision of St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara, an educationist and social reformer of the nineteenth century, Christ college is part of a century-old tradition of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI). Christ College focuses on nurturing capable and confident youth. We mould our students to take their position in society as responsible and productive citizens.

Our Campus is known for its salubrious atmosphere, community culture, excellence in teaching, high degree of discipline, deep mutual respect, abiding spirit of tolerance, strong appreciation for all cultures, deep reverence for all religions, intense attachment to ethical values, state of the art facilities, multiplicity of avenues for all round growth of the individual and efficient as well as enlightened administration.


A 4-year undergraduate course offered to the students who want to gain a broad understanding of finance and accounting.

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A four-year under-graduate course equipped to help students enhance their managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

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A four-year undergraduate course aimed at students who want to make their career in the IT field.

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A four-year undergraduate course in Journalism, Psychology and English, aims at students who want to build a career in any of the three or all of the three.

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Christ College is an abode for human wholeness through its comprehensive and integrated approach to knowledge, providing personal growth, academic excellence and professional competence along with human values to make the society a better world.

Self Development

Why Choose Christ?

  • Designed with your career prospects in mind.
  • Vibrant and imaginative environment, which fosters critical thinking and introspection.
  • Promotes integral human development through value based teaching and learning.
  • Practices integrated pedagogy which encourages both intellectual and practical pursuits
  • Self Development

    We believe in : Inculcating the spirit of human dignity

    Acting as a scaffold to enrich pragmatic approach to education.

    Stimulating career focussed integrated knowledge.


    Centered on the Catholic Mission of 'Evangelisation through Education' and embraces strong hold on pluralism

    Enables students to gradually learn to discern and become self-motivated by their own integrity and humanity to make conscious, responsible choices.


    Let the students discover knowledge.

    Weighing one's multiple interests in light of available programmes.

    Inclusive dynamic campus environment with the spectrum of valuable perspectives for educational excellence.

    Christite Culture

    Christ College Mysuru is committed and determined to impart holistic education and nurture the knowl...


    The Examinationcommittee is an apex body of the institution which holds enormous rol...


    Christ College Mysuru is committed and determined to impart holistic education and nurture the knowl..

    Christ Social Forum

    Christ College, Mysuru which is named as Christ Social Forum (CSF) aims to enable the students to develop their personality by creating social awareness among students and provide them with an opportunity to work for the common people.

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