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BA Journalism, Psychology, English Literature

BA Journalism, Psychology, English Literature


The course aims at molding the student for a career in Journalism, both print and broadcasting and in allied fields like Advertising, Film, and Public Relations. The course introduces various facets of the profession of the journalism to the students with theoretical knowledge and on the job training. The major papers include Reporting, Editing, Media Laws, Basic Audio-Visual Media and Media Management. Furthermore, the Department stresses a balance between the theoretical and practical elements of journalism and mass communication, and the curriculum is carefully tailored to prepare students for professional or academic careers in communication, giving them the broad liberal arts education necessary to succeed as communicators in today’s complex and changing world.


The department aims to promote academic excellence by providing spanking learning environment and fostering personal growth of each student. We encourage students to develop professional skills with this application to the societal needs. The department envisions promoting high academic standards through innovative scholarly environments fostering a comprehensive challenging curriculum, providing methodological, theoretical and practical background to the subject. A course in psychology equips the students with an in-depth knowledge in various aspects like child psychology, industrial psychology, counseling psychology, personality development etc. In addition to the theory papers the students have practical papers every year which will give them practical insight into the subjects.

English Literature

The English Literature program offers students an opportunity to understand the literary, cultural and social dynamism of England’s varied past. On the practical side, this course offers numerous employment opportunities in the field of teaching, journalism, publishing, writing, etc. The department nourishes the creativity of students by integrating activities, competitions and workshops. Most importantly, a sound understanding of the language equips the student with communication skills, which is an indispensable part of success in any field in today’s competitive world.


The college follows the syllabus prescribed by the University of Mysore which gets updated from time to time


Candidates who have passed Two Year Pre University Course of Karnataka State in any discipline or its equivalent (viz., 10+2 of other states, ITI, Diploma etc.) are eligible for admission into this program

Duration of the Program

The duration of study is Three years , which is divided into Six Semesters. As per the University of Mysore policy , candidate shall complete his/her degree within eight academic years from the date of his/her admission to the first semester.

Certificate & Value Added Courses

  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing

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