Christ College

Our Inspiration

St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara

Christ College is a philanthropic initiation in the field of education founded by Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara (1805-1871), a great Visionary and Social Reformer who initiated this group of educational institutions to enrich the masses with the light of knowledge. His multi-faceted personality has been forever an inspiring ideal for our institutions to follow as guidelines. It is our committed mission to lead this college in the path of our founder, who envisioned education as a tool for liberation and development of the society.Being our inspiration, he envisioned the changes in the society and made strategic moves to build a better environment based on fatherhood of God and brotherhood of humanity.

He established the first Sanskrit School for students of all religion, caste and creed (1846), a major seminary (1833), a printing and publishing house (1846) at Mannanam, Kerala. He pronounced the order that every church should start a school attached to it and encourage children from poorer sections to attend these schools by supplying mid-day meal and dress for them. He started a home of charity to take care of the destitute, beggars, the sick and the needy and elderly. Saint Chavara was called to eternal rest on 3 January 1871, at Koonammavu, Kerala.