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B.Sc Computer, Mathematics, Statistics

B.Sc Computer, Mathematics, Statistics

Computer Sciences

The course focusses on diverse topics, which includes computer organization, operating systems, database management systems, data structures, software engineering, computer graphics and internet technology. Program engages students in various knowledge enrichment activities , hence the students will become proficient in various programming languages like C, C++, Java, .Net etc.


The curriculum enables the student to transform the mathematical interests to other intellectual endeavors. It consists of intensive and extensive topics like Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Groups, Rings, Fields, Vector Spaces, Vector Algebra, Vector Calculus, Real Analysis, Vector Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, Complex Analysis, Calculus and Advanced Calculus etc.


The course includes topics on descriptive statistics, statistical inference, sampling theory, experimental design, demography, industrial statistics like statistical quality control and operations research.


The college follows the syllabus prescribed by the University of Mysore which gets updated from time to time. Aviation (IATA) is a add on courses offered along with the regular B.Com of the University of Mysore.


Candidates who have passed Two Year Pre University Course of Karnataka State in any discipline or its equivalent (viz., 10+2 of other states, ITI, Diploma etc.) are eligible for admission into this program

Duration of the Program

The duration of study is Four years , which is divided into Eight Semesters. As per the University of Mysore policy , candidate shall complete his/her degree within eight academic years from the date of his/her admission to the first semester. The NEP 2020 provides multiple exit options for students as specified below:
  • The students who successfully complete ONE year/ 2 Semesters and leave the program, will be awarded Certificate in Commerce. The students who successfully complete TWO years/ 4 Semesters and leave the program, will be awarded Diploma Certificate in Commerce.
  • The students who successfully complete THREE years/ 6 Semesters and leave the program, will be awarded Bachelors Degree Certificate in Commerce ( B.COM )
  • An option is given to the students to continue their education to the Fourth year and those who successfully complete FOUR years/ 8 Semesters will be awarded Honors in Commerce [B.COM (Hons)].

Certificate & Value Added Courses

  • Cloud Computing
  • Block Chain
  • ReadHat
  • Digital Marketing

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